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Urban Microclimate is a multi-year effort by the Building Technology Program at MIT to predict local effects of urban morphology and geometries on thermal comfort and energy consumption. The effort includes a measurement campaign, tool development and explorations of the influence of urban microclimatic effects on building design and urban planning decisions.

Les Norford
Les Norford

Associate Head of Dept of Architecture

Professor of Building Technology

Christoph Reinhart
Christoph Reinhart

Associate Professor of Building Technology

Head of Sustainable Design Lab


Jiachen Mao, M.S., on going

Joseph Yang, M.S., 2016

Aiko Nakano, M.S., 2015

Bruno Bueno, Ph.D, 2013

John Sullivan, Research Fellow, 2013

Mike Street, M.S., 2013

Lingfu Zhang, Undergraduate Researcher, 2014

Bokil T Lopez-Pineda, Undergraduate Researcher, 2015


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